The Missions Committee oversees the missionaries New City supports while also seeking to raise the awareness of missions within the congregation. 

New City believes strongly in the authority of the local church, and as much as possible, encourages our missionaries to serve under the local church or community leadership, and to conduct themselves in a manner that is culturally appropriate.  We place great emphasis on I Corinthians 9:19-23, becoming all things to all men, with the goal of winning some.

We have several areas that we prioritize in missions:
  1. We have a great desire to see more African-American missionaries, particularly in international postings with well know mission organizations.  
  2. We look for missionaries who reflect the particular vision of New City in their lives both at home and overseas, as well as in their ministries.
  3. We have several target areas, and support missionaries working with our partner churches or ministries in those areas.
  4. Persons who have been active members of New City for several years, show a commitment to the values of New City, and who are intentional in their pursuit of diversity.
How to apply for support from New City:  
We would ask that interested persons send a letter of introduction to the Committee at ncfmission@gmail.com, including a brief testimony, description of ministry, and how you might fit into the areas we prioritize.  It would be helpful to include the names of New City members you know.  The Committee will analyze these letters, pray for the individuals, and then decide on a further course of action.  Generally the next steps would be a formal application and meeting with the Committee or some representation thereof. 

Missions Emphasis Week:   
Occurs annually to raise awareness of missions and the people we are supporting. We invite speakers, have panel discussions, an international dinner and worship time, as well as a ministry fair of local missions. 

Missions bulletin boards and Prayer book:  
A designated board is set up in Rudy’s Room with prayer cards, newsletters and various flyers from our current missionaries on the field. Please feel free to stop by to read the flyers and pray for God’s work in the places missionaries serve. We also have available our annual Missions Prayer book, with pictures and descriptions of the missionaries we are supporting currently.

For additional information on how to help or how to apply to the missions committee please contact the committee at ncfmission@gmail.com.